Welcome to our team. Here is our members and a short bio: 

Josh Hilgartner

Head Programmer


Josh is our lead programmer. He has 3 years experience in FTC and 3 years in FLL. He is also involved in Scouts and swims with Legend High School. He has the famous nickname of Spicy Hosh and always needs a sec.

Silas Smith 


 Erin Farney
Steven Wingate

Team Captain & Outreach Coordinator 


Steven has had three years of FLL experience and is currently starting his 4th year of FTC. He is our Outreach Coordinator. His job at tournaments is to talk to other teams for outreach and to have a unified goal as an alliance, Additionally he reaches out to community members to organize both, demos and volunteering for the team and first. He is a second degree black belt and a life scout in boy scouts. 

Elizabeth Mazzarello

Mechanic/ programmer 


Elizabeth is the programmer in training and helps with building on the robot.  This is her second year in FTC. When not working on the robot, she is taking roll as the main programmer for her TSA game design team.

Alex Jessop
Nathan Gibbs

Team Captain & Head Builder

Nathan has had three years of FLL experience and is currently starting his third year of FTC. He is our Lead Builder. His job is to work on prototypes in the attempt to create the final design of our robot. He has worked on everything from the chassis to the miner. He also swims competitively.

Ben Bixler

All Arounder


Ben is an all around helper. He can help with building, testing, and fixing the robot. He is also learning to program in order to strengthen our programming team. When he isn't doing any of this, he is likely taking a break or eating some food.


Research Specialist

Erin does the majority of the research for the team. This is her second year in FTC. She participates in the Legend marching band as the assistant section leader for the clarinets.

Austin Hoelting

Lead Mechanic

Austin assists with most most mechanical aspects of the robot. This is his second year in FTC. He is a aspiring fighter pilot, engineer, and Formula 1 driver.

Prototype Creation Specialist​

Alex is fundamental with helping to design/assemble most parts of the robot. This is his 3rd year of FTC after several years of FLL. Alex has his 2nd degree black belt and wrestles for his high school. He always had a pocket full of sand to help solve any problem.

Cooper Knight

All around 

Cooper wants to help everyone and be apart of the team. This is Cooper's first year in FTC but he did do FLL for multiple years. He is in 7th grade. He is in TSA, boy scouts, and likes drama. He is exited for his firth year in FTC.

Titus Smith


Harold 2.0

Disembodied Brain​ (Team Mascot)

Harold was a normal bird before he met our team. Using our deranged mental state and our understanding of fundamental science, we have created Harold 2.0